Restoring Christian Living and Worship


Why does the church exist? What are the priorities of the church? If we are ruthlessly honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that much of our time is spent on “traditional church busywork.” We meet together, serve on committees, develop policy and bylaws, struggle with budgets, build facilities, and develop programs—but for what purpose? Where is the church’s impact within our lives, neighborhoods, cities, regions and nation?
These are some of the critical questions that are examined in this book.

Chapter 1: The Tribe and the City
Chapter 2: Wordly Enticement
Chapter 3: Steps to Restoration
Chapter 4: Culture’s Corrosive Potential
Chapter 5: Two Opposing Views of Culture
Chapter 6: Patterns of Conflict
Chapter 7: The Church of Modernity
Chapter 8: Our Culture’s Gospel -Convenience, not Commitment
Chapter 9: The Church’s Power
Chapter 10: The Church’s Perspective
Chapter 11: Relevance within Scripture
Chapter 12: Ressurrection Comes After the Cross
Chapter 13: Ressurrection for the Church
Chapter 14: Steps to Restoration
Chapter 15: Making the Choice